Trader System

Place An Alternate Description Here!d A trader system, a basic form of which is at Hoole Connect. The system allows users to view and reply to adverts placed by registered users. It includes a full administration system, search facility and user guide.

The site requires PHP and MySQL. It installs the database tables needed and stores all information in the database. Full documentation, including installation, is provided. More...

Website News

Website News PHP scriptd A PHP driven system to allow you to display a dynamic news section on your website. You enter the news items, which are then stored and the system randomly chooses different news items to display.

Includes a section to insert on a home page with headlines, and a full news page to display details of the news items. Can include links to other pages/websites. Available as a MySQL or flat file system. More...

Website Events

Place An Alternate Description Here!dThis script allows you to enter details of events via an admin screen. Details include date/time, event description, event details, contact details, place. Data can be stored in a MySQL database or a flat file.

The events are displayed using a PHP script. A summary and details of the events can be displayed. A separate function can be added to a home page to give headlines.

Login Function

This login script allows you to put a log-in box on your website. Customise the text and store info in a MySQL database or flat text file. More...

Date and Time Display

This script allows sveral different displays of the date and time. You can show just the date or just the time or both.. Some of the options just display the date/time at the time of loading hte page, others show the date/time updated every second.

PHP Tutorials

Click here if you are new to PHP and wouldlike some tutorials to guide you through some basics. Includes a guide on what you need to run the scripts given here.


This site is set of pages allowing you to download some free PHP scripts and resources. There are a number of scripts here, and all are available completely free. Also included are a set of tutorials to guide you through how to use PHP.

Full List

This page shows only a selection of the scripts available. A full list is available here.

Full Websites

Another section here allows you to download full websites, some with PHP resources built in. Download the HTML, customise it and upload it to a fully working site in minutes.